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YiXing YongChang Roll Co., Ltd. (Yongchang Roll for short) is established with contribution from YiXing GongChang Roll Investment Company, specialized in design, development, manufacturing and servicing of rolls,  it’s manufacturing technology, service ability and market sharing of rolls rank higher in China.  YongChang Roll is the major forged-steel rolls supplier for domestic cold rolling mills in ferrous and non-ferrous industry as well as a prior supplier for overseas customers. YongChang Roll serves Bao Steel, Ma Steel etc. and rolls mainly sold to Asia, Europe market, now begin to provide guidance service to private steel enterprises.
YongChang Roll possesses state-of-art roll manufacturing technology and supply customers roll material series of forged 2%Cr,3%Cr,5%Cr,
Also can provide individualized product based on customer specific requirement related to rolled product-mix and quality.

YongChang Roll owns plenty of advanced and specialized manufacturing facilities:

High accuracy NC roll grinder and turning lathe ensures the roll assembly accuracy and grinding quality in customer roll shop.

NC dual-frequency quenching machine can continuously auto-control the quenching parameters during quenching, the quenching temperature tolerance is controlled at ±5℃, ensures high quenched hardness uniformity.

Specialized liquid (oil bath) temper furnace for work rolls, the furnace temperature uniformity is superior to air type electric resistance furnace, reliably ensure the tempered hardness uniformity of body.

The differential hardening furnace for large-size backup rolls is imported from USA, together with the manufacturing technology and heat treatment software.

YongChang Roll possesses Jiangsu province roll R& D center, establishing new scientific renovation mechanism with combination of roll research, development , manufacturing and application, the time from development to application is greatly shortened and meets customer production and development requirement in time.

YongChang Roll established commercial mode of technical service plus sales, providing customers prompt advisory service, training and realizing the ends-meet of technical service and renovation in time, shorten the time to identify customer requirement and put forward the time required for quality improvement or new product development, in a word, providing customer prompt technical support.

YongChang Roll extend roll manufacturing process to customer site for service, recycles of scraped rolls etc. our customers can share following benefits through our service:

Systematic counselling, roll re-dressing, set up of inspection facility, operation and maintenance skill training, site operation supervision, set up roll management flow and rules and regulations etc.
Reuse of scraped rolls, such as re-quench and re-make etc.
We provide suggestion on roll adaptability design, assist in determining proper roll material and geometry.
We provide quality improvement or development of new material based on customer’s change on cold-rolled product-mix in time and meet customer requirement.

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